[Double 11] Tender Moisturizer (Toner) 保湿水 Buy 2 FREE 3 Smooth & Repairing Toner (50ml*3)

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[Double 11] Tender Moisturizer (Toner) 保湿水 Buy 2 FREE 3 Smooth & Repairing Toner (50ml*3)



What's Included:

- Tender Moisturizer (Toner) 保湿水 120ml x 2
- Other free gifts as indicated on picture


Do you know?

The baby's skin has a moisture content of 25%, so it is smooth, delicate and elastic. Since the age of 14, the water has been quietly lost from the human skin. Generally, the moisture content of the skin of adult women, especially urban women, has dropped to 15% or even lower.

When the skin is dehydrated, it will lead to yellowish skin, spots, wrinkles, and sagging problems. All the anti-wrinkle, anti-blemish and anti-whitening products must have enough of moisture to deeply penetrate deep into the skin, to smooth dry and broken fiber, it is impossible for any treatment on skin if it is dehydrated.

Therefore, moisturizing is a lifetime skincare lesson for women!

Three main ingredients of Exquisitely Tender Moisturizer:
1. Purslane Extract: Soothing and moisturizing, soft and bright, resist external impact on the skin;
2. Edelweiss/Leaf Extract: Cleanse the skin, nourish and care, keeps skin smooth, moisturized and radiant;
3. Sodium Hyaluronate: Moisturizing and hydrating, lightening fine lines, elastic and firm skin, achieve greater degree of tightening skin.





1. 马齿苋提取物:舒緩保湿,柔嫩体亮,抵挡外界对皮肤的冲击;
2. 高山火绒草花/叶提取物:清洁皮肤,滋养呵护,保持肌肤柔滑,滋润有光泽;
3. 透明质酸钠:保湿补水,淡化细纹,使肌肤弹润丰盈,紧致有度。

MYR 272.00 MYR 295.00 -8% OFF

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