[Double 11] Repairing Bright Facial Cream 修护焕采面霜 Buy 2 FREE Reviving Facial Cream

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[Double 11] Repairing Bright Facial Cream 修护焕采面霜 Buy 2 FREE Reviving Facial Cream

What's Included:

- Repairing Bright Facial Cream 修护焕采面霜 50g * 2
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Lock Moisture: 

Formulated with super moisturizing ingredients Polyglutamate with Tremella extract to penetrate the skin layer, effectively improve dry skin condition and provides instant hydration

Conditioning Skin: 

Regulating skin muscle energy, strengthen skin immunity, free radical scavenging, and achieve good skin health

Firming Repair: 

Centella asiatica promotes the dermal layer of collagen formation. The fibrous protein regenerate and reconnect the underlying skin to tighten and brighten skin

Key ingredients

Glycyrrhiza glabra extract
It inhibits the activity of tyrosinase / dopa color change and DHICA oxidase activity. It is a fast, efficient, green whitening freckle cosmetics additive, with SOD (peroxide dismutase) similar to oxygen free radical scavenging ability. The antioxidant properties are similar to vitamin E.

Tremella: Moisturizing support
Tremella is rich in nutrients; it contains Tremella polysaccharide, protein, fat and a variety of amino acids and minerals. Tremella protein contains 17 kinds of amino acids, 3/4 of amino acid required by human body can be provided by Tremella. It also contains a variety of minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur. Calcium and iron content especially high in the Tremella with Calcium 643mg and iron 30.4 mg. Tremella Heteropolysaccharide “to make the body moist and shiny with high moisturizing ingredients” hyaluronic acid “have the same structure of the natural ingredients. Gelatinous white fungus has water-retaining effect to make the skin surface form a soft “moisturizing veil”. Hence, it makes the skin moist and supple.

Polyglutamic acid: Strong moisturizing effect and retain moisture 
With special molecular structure, it has a strong moisturizing ability which effectively increases the skin’s moisturizing ability and promotes skin health. Its superior moisturizing ability is better than hyaluronic acid and collagen. It is a new generation of biotechnology moisturizing ingredients. With its long-lasting anti-wrinkle properties, it is more advantages than other polymer products.

Centella asiatica extract
Centella asiatica can tighten skin and soften the skin. It helps to solve the phenomenon of sagging skin (especially post-natal mother), while smoothen and improves skin elasticity. It also promotes collagen formation in the dermis and fibrin regeneration. Damaged tissue will be healed and skin is tightened.

Vitamins: Maintains skin health and promote blood circulation, regulating skin muscle
1. Promotes collagen biosynthesis and encourage faster healing,
2. Improves metabolism to have healthier skin.
3. Enhance skin resistance to external environment, stress and immunity.
4. Strengthen with antioxidant to prevent the damage of free radicals. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects.

1. After cleansing and Exquisitely Tender Moisturizer, apply an appropriate amount onto the whole face.
2. Massage gently until it is fully absorbed.

1. Please stop using if allergies or discomfort occur. If symptoms persist, please see your doctor.
2. In the case of contact with eyes, nose or throat, clean with water Immediately. 
3. It is recommended to perform a sensitivity test before use. Use with precaution if you have sensitive skin or pimple skin. 

1. Keep out of reach of children. 
2. Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. 
3. Close the cap tightly after each use.

MYR 283.00 MYR 307.00 -8% OFF

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