“It’s all about the power of obsession. Live a fulfilling life by choosing the one you love and do the things you like.”

Executive President of Shanghai Dowell

Trading Co., Ltd. Lin Rui Yang

"Everything about her will become what I am most concerned about. Help her to keep her unique natural beauty is my love for her. The story of TST has begun since 1995, when I accidentally see an opportunity and become obsessed with it. Even though the journey of success was bumpy, she made me believe that every cloud has silver lining."

TST Brand Founder Chang Ting

Culture & Belief

Adhering to the belief “Choose Beauty, Natural Beauty”, TST provides consumers with an aesthetic experience of life and help consumers to pursuit a beautiful life.

【Prior to Beauty】

Provide goods and services that meet consumer needs

【Building a Vision for a Better Life】

Provide entrepreneurial solutions and help consumers to achieve

Vision & Mission

TST has created a platform for zero-cost entrepreneurship, which fully embodies the value of sharing economy through social media, provides flexible employment methods for many freelancers, housewives, people with reduced mobility, etc., so that everyone can have a meaningful life. TST has also helped countless families to get rid of livelihood difficulties and achieve a vision of creating a beautiful and harmonious society!