Established In December 2018

TST Malaysia, established in December 2018, is the first stop of the TST brand of Shanghai Dowell Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dowell”) to enter the Southeast Asian market. The TST brand is a self-owned brand founded by Lin Rui-yang and Chang Ting. At present, skincare cosmetics are the main category. To improve the quality of its brand’s beauty products, the company opened a factory in France officially on September 27,2018.

Not only that, TST established an affiliate company in Taiwan in May 2018, and then an affiliate company in Malaysia in December of the same year as a hub for the Southeast Asian market. In line with the emerging trend of the digital age, TST set up online sales and physical stores and other business models to promote its brand products and create a platform for everyone to start a business at zero cost.

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