Saggy Face & Wrinkles

Day Use Sequence: Step 1: Tender Cleanser  Step 2: Essential Skin Refiner Step 3: Stempower Essence Step 4: Essence Cream Night Use Sequence: Step 1: Tender Cleanser Step 2: Essential Skin Refiner Step 3: Yeast Essential Cream - Three times weekly, 15-25 min/session. Rinse with water. Gradually increase the length and frequency if there is no allergic reaction, as your skin gets used to the mask. Step 4: Essential Skin Refiner Step 5: Eye Cream Step 6: Essence Cream   Important Notes:  - You may add Tender Moisturizer (Toner) to the list and apply it before and after you apply Yeast Mask. - You may add Gold Collagen Facial Mask and apply it 1-2 times weekly, for even better results. - Recovery time needed may vary from person to person. - It is recommended to perform a sensitivity test before use. Use with precaution if you have sensitive skin or pimple skin.

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