Blu-Ray Protection Facial Hydrating Cream 蓝光防护水凝霜 50g

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Blu-Ray Protection Facial Hydrating Cream 蓝光防护水凝霜 50g

What is Blue Light?

While we’ve all been busy trying to offset the damage done by the sun’s ageing UV rays, new research is beginning to reveal that there’s an even more constant threat to youthful complexions: blue light. Yes, those rays coming off your smartphone, tablet, laptop, fluorescent lighting, movie screen and etc. could be harmful for your skin and eyes.

“High-energy visible – or HEV – light refers to the higher-frequency, shorter wavelengths of light in the violet-blue band of the visible spectrum and which some experts claim could be as ageing as sun damage,”. It can easily penetrate your skin protection barrier and is a major cause of aging skin, sensitive skin and skin pigmentation.

Water Atomization Process

  • The atomization process in low-temperature results in production of small molecules, to enhance better skin absorption. The active ingredients will then eliminate radiation of blue light inside your body.

Main Ingredients & Its Effectiveness

Safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius) Seed Oil & Tagetes Erecta Extracts

  • High concentration of Lutein, a xanthophyll and one of 600 known naturally occurring carotenoids, found in both Safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius) and Tagetes Erecta has the ability to absorb excess sunlight, especially from high-energy visible blue light.



波长在400nm - 480nm的短波蓝光极具高能量,它可轻易穿透肌肤屏障,造成肌肤产生更多自由基,是肌肤衰老的一大罪魁祸首,会使肌肤长出黄斑和雀斑、老化、过敏、影响睡眠质量等问题,而睡眠质量欠佳也将引发各种肌肤问题,因此,采取措施防止有害蓝光刻不容缓!

采用多层水合科技配方,将有效成分融合,当霜体触及肌肤时,释放包裹内的有效成分,形成看得见的水珠。媲美精华的导入力,令滋养成分层层透润,肌肤时刻感受水润舒爽。特别添加FloraGLO™ Lutein Topical,为肌肤提供综合防护,保护肌肤远离无处不在的蓝光困扰。



1. Apply an appropriate amount onto your face and neck. 
2. Pat gently until it is fully absorbed.

1. Please stop using if allergies or discomfort occur. If symptoms persist, please see your doctor.
2. In the case of contact with eyes, nose or throat, clean with water Immediately. 
3. It is recommended to perform a sensitivity test before use. Use with precaution if you have sensitive skin or pimple skin. 

1. Keep out of reach of children. 
2. Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. 
3. Close the cap tightly after each use.

MYR 165.00 MYR 178.00 -8% OFF

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