Broken Blood Vessels

Day Use Sequence: Step 1: Tender Cleanser  Step 2: Tender Moisturizer (Toner) Step 3: Essential Serum Step 4: Essence Cream Night Use Sequnce: Step 1: Tender Cleanser Step 2: Tender Moisturizer (Toner) Step 3: Yeast Mask - Three times weekly, 15-25 min/session. Rinse with water. Gradually increase the length and frequency if there is no allergic reaction, as your skin gets used to the mask. Step 4: Tender Moisturizer (Toner) Step 5: Relieve Repair Gelly Sleeping Mask (30 min, rinse with water) Step 6: Tender Moisturizer (Toner) Step 7: Essential Serum Step 8: Essence Cream   Important Notes:  - Applying Tender Moisturizer (Toner) before and after Yeast Mask is vital, to make sure the effectiveness of Yeast Mask can be achieved. Please make sure that your face is well moisturized before and after the use Yeast Mask. - Avoid washing your face with warm water, use lukewarm water instead. - There are many causes of broken blood vessels on the face. They include: genetics, pregnancy, sun exposure, injuries, alcohol consumption etc. Therefore healing time needed may vary from person to person. - Recovery time needed may vary from person to person. - It is recommended to perform a sensitivity test before use. Use with precaution if you have sensitive skin or pimple skin.

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