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5 Facial Exercises We Should Learn

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1. Reduce forehead wrinkles

Place the index fingers just above the eyebrows.
Pull the skin down with your fingers, making sure that there is not creases between the eyes.
Raise the eyebrows while pressing down with the fingers, opposing to the movement.
Repeat thirty times, then relax and repeat twice more.

2. Get rid of a double chin and jowls

Relax the shoulders and raise your chin.
Place your closed hand underneath your chin.
In this position move the chin muscles forward, hold it and count until ten.
Relax and repeat ten times.

3. Get more cheek!

Open your mouth forming a long “O” making sure that there is not lines (wrinkles) from the nose to the mouth.
In this position try to smile with the corners of the mouth, towards the cheeks.
Is just a small movement to work the muscles underneath the cheeks.
If necessary place your fingers over the lines from the nose to the mouth to smooth them over.

4. Eye exercise for eye bags

With your head straight and looking ahead squint with your upper eyelid thirty times.
The rest of the face must remain still.
Now with the head in the same position look down, towards the floor and raise your upper eyelids for another thirty times.
Relax and repeat twice more.

5. Lift your eyelids

Place your middle fingers underneath your eyebrows and push them as high as you can with your fingertips.
Now in this position and with your forehead muscles begin to push down to create resistance.
Hold for 5 seconds and release.
Relax and repeat the exercise 5 times.

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